Canoe Pan:

罗琳娜·麦肯尼特(Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt,1957年2月17日-),出生于加拿大缅省草原地区的一个小城镇(Modern)。她是加拿大著名的爱尔兰竖琴演奏家、键盘手,以及歌手。以创作、表演凯尔特和中东风格音乐以及女高音演唱而闻名。全球唱片销量超过1400万。
罗琳娜·麦肯尼特青年时代的梦想是成为一名兽医,并且最终进入Winnipeg 的一所大学就读相关课程。但是在80年,当Loreena 第一次接触到爱尔兰音乐时,她毅然放弃了学业,并且在81年搬到了安大略省的Stratford,加入了那里的莎士比亚艺术节的演出,从此开始了在乐坛20余年的音乐生涯。

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Canoe Pan:

by Charlotte Dillon
The artist Dieter Geike, alone, is Blonker. A German composer and musician, he is skilled at keyboards, bass, guitar, and many other instruments. His gentle rhythmic musical stylings are most times a silky smooth mix of a number of genres, including jazz, rock, and even classical and new age. In 1978 Geike saw the release of his debut album, Die Zeit Steht Still. In 1980 he signed with the Philips Records label to complete two more albums, Fantasia and Windmills. Four years later he switched to another big label, Mercury, where he recorded three more marvelous full-length albums. The start of 1990 found Geike working under yet another new label, BSC Music. Albums like 1980's Time to Remember and 1998's Wellness kept his music before fans. Throughout the '90s, Geike received numerous positive reviews as Blonker. Gradually his fame has spread from Russia to Europe to America.
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《阿兰胡埃斯协奏曲》亦称《阿兰胡埃斯之恋》,是西班牙盲人作曲家华金·罗德里戈(Joaquin Rodrigo)饮誉世界的吉他名曲。整个乐曲充满一种西班牙式的忧伤,优美难以言喻的旋律,以及随处所散发的浪漫色彩与奔放活力,旋即风靡了整个世界。
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